Monday, January 7, 2008

Another Season Over


Good-bye College Football. See you next year.

My wailing and gnashing of teeth hasn't been too bad so far this year. Granted, I'm like 30 minutes into the post-season, but hey, that's a start! I've gradually gotten more involved with NFL football so that's helped to soften the blow the last couple of seasons. It's kind of like methadone for my college football addiction, weening me from the dearth in my Saturday schedule, gradually moving me to Sundays and games I'm far less invested in, then placating me with the Superbowl.

Until suddenly, I'm not so twitchy anymore.

But to recap...

Yes, my Boys in Orange broke their bowl game losing streak with a win over Wisconsin. Whew! I haven't written anything about it for fear that it didn't really happen. At my mother and stepfather's house where my brother, his wife and I were watching, there was a great deal of yelling - out of elation one second, frustration the next - so I take that as a sign of a good game. That last big play (less than a minute on the clock; Wisconsin has the ball and a touchdown wins the game for them; they throw the ball into the end zone but Adrian Wardlow intercepts it) there were people in a couple of different rooms in the house, and yet it all sounded something like this:




It was a maddening yet exciting game that perfectly reflected a maddening yet exciting year. Thanks fellas. I had a great time. My cardiologist will be sending you a bill later in the year though, so for everyone's sake, lets see if we can't keep the drama down a bit next season.

As for the rest of the SEC - GOOD JOB!! Except you, Florida (Arkansas is excused). Don't get me wrong, I'm just glad it wasn't us ruining the Bowl Record this year, but you not only had to go and lose to the Big 10, but you lost to Michigan!?! I'm sorry, but that's worse than us losing to Penn State last year.

More importantly though, LSU wins the National Championship! Geaux Tigers... or whatever it is they say. I'm just glad they won. No offense to my Buckeye brethren. After all, I did root for your team last year against Florida, but this year I couldn't break with conference loyalty. And I have to make a big cheeseball admission and say I got a bit verklempt when I heard the LSU crowd toward the end of game chanting SEC-SEC.

But I also have to admit to being very un-Christian/Zen/Whatever-like when I saw LSU's team crowded around the Fox Sports desk/stage thing on the sidelines after the game chanting again - not LSU, but SEC - and right into the ear on Eddie George's very Big 10, Buckeyed, bald head. Heh Heh.

That's right. A two-for-one deal. Spite and alliteration. It was a productive night for me.

So there you go. Good game. Good season. TTFN College Football.

Anyone know what time the Lady Vols game is on tomorrow??


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Anonymous said...

Lady Vols play Auburn at 6:00 on Fox SN Thursday, 01/10/08. However, if orange fix is needed prior to that, UT Men play Ole Miss TONIGHT at 7:00 WUXP-30

And, we have approximately 7 months until the first UT Football game.

We both need help!

Gert's Maw