Wednesday, January 23, 2008

As Promised...

My new niece decided to extend her hospital stay... well, a bout of jaundice and a Strep A infection extended her stay.

We tried to tell her that it wasn't a spa and she would probably be much happier at home, but what does she know? Prior to this she lived in a giant water balloon and ate dinner through her belly button. Heat lamps and an IV of antibiotics probably seem pretty swank at this point, and well, not having a fully-formed cranium tends to impair your judgement. Just ask Paris Hilton.

But she's on the mend and is planning to come home shortly.

In the meantime her parents have been good little photogs and taken more pictures.

So, as promised, I give you Makenzie Adams. Or, as the list of nicknames continues to grow: Mak, Baby Mak, MakMuffin, Zee, etc.

So far she kind of looks like her dad and has inherited her Aunt's legacy of having her name misspelled on a pretty regular basis.

All in all. We kind of like having her around.

Oh, and, I was rightfully corrected by Katie on my previous post and I actually had been "upgraded to Aunt" by her children already. But, as she pointed out, "this one can ask you for money."

Other Aunt duty I was reminded of by my sister-in-law, the Friends-loving and Friends-quoting pal that she is: "I will always have gum." - said Monica when she met her new nephew, Ben.

So, money and gum. I should be able to handle that. Well at least one of them...

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Claudia said...

My friend and I actually did pierce each other's ears when we were about 12 - there was alcohol involved. What can I say - it was East Germany.