Monday, January 14, 2008

Offering to the Snow Gods

There's a possible chance of snow this week. He he.

After it got into the 70's a week or so ago I'd begun to wonder if we'd have any winter this year.

If I were still in school I would be doing a snow dance. I may still do one anyway, but in lieu of that for now, I thought I'd pass along the classic and hilarious cartoons of Calvin and Hobbes. Every year I send them out via email and/or someone sends them to me. I think my dad did the honors this year so I thought I'd just post them. They never get old. And maybe this year they'll help bring about some snow.

And so as not to anger my karma for posting someone else's work without ample credit - you can go to and sign up to get a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon sent to your email every day for free.

Calvin and the Snowmen

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Anonymous said...

Thought about you this morning when the ground wasn't covered in white. Sorry. It really came down for a while last night and I had hopes. Thanks for the the Calvin snowmen. Look forward to them every year.

Go to Daily Coyote and see Charlie in the snow (left side panel). Want to go to WY???
Gert's Maw