Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Quote of the Week

From Jon Stewart's first night back on The Daily Show from the writer's strike (not that I got to watch it since I don't have cable anymore, but I heard it on NPR):

"Congratulations to Mike Huckabee,
to Barack Obama. ... Iowa has spoken.
Cold, white people have had their say.
Tomorrow night is New Hampshire, where colder, whiter people will have their say.
And if all goes right, Obama and Huckabee will soon be the president of Scandinavia."

Not that every state's primary (or caucus thingy) isn't important, but I have to say that it's a bit disturbing the way these first two events are being held up as make-or-break for the presidential candidates ESPECIALLY when the people voting couldn't be less representative of our country as a whole. I think the results are definitely worthwhile, interesting and exciting, but only when considered along with every other states'.

I actually heard someone on the news this morning say "it's a good thing for Hillary that she won in New Hampshire because otherwise it would have been the end for her." Seriously? And then some other yahoo said "and Mitt Romney only came in second and he's the governor of the state next door! If he can't win in Michigan it's OVER." Really? I know that there are all kinds of factors - money, momentum, media attention, etc., but if all it takes to keep a person from even running for president is the opinion of slightly more than 1% of the population, 96% of whom are of only one race (Yeah. That's right. I did the math.) then there's something seriously wrong with this process. Oh wait. We knew that already.

I spend several minutes in bed in the morning now, listening to the news on the radio and trying to decide who I will vote for in the TN primary... should, you know.... it even matter by then. It's tough and I change my mind every couple of days. I've gotten over my misgivings about some that I'd had before though, so my indecision isn't for lack of choice. That's a nice change at least.

But until I decide, I'm sticking with my favorite third party candidate for president. Or husband. I'm not picky:

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