Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Blue Soup

That damn Baby New Year is back. Staring me in the face.

Smug little bastard.

So... I'm supposed to resolve to do something better with my life over the next year. Right? Part of me really hates this concept. But part of me thinks that there really aren't any more excuses for a life as disheveled as the one I'm currently living so why the hell not have some goals for myself.

And speaking of examining the unpleastantness of one's life... One of my Christmas gifts to myself this year was to upgrade my VHS copy of Bridget Jones Diary to DVD. Bridge' and I have been the best of pals since I read the books forever and a day ago and now having her on DVD along with deleted scenes, the-making-of footage and director's commentary means we have spent WAY too much quality time together this holiday season.

And she starts to get to you. She makes you ponder your not-so-good judgement over the last decade. She makes you see her dinner of blue soup, green gunge and orange pudding as a metaphor for your own well-intentioned, but hapless existence.

She also makes you start referring to annoying people in traffic as fuckwits and take up using your favorite British vernacular again - like trainers, jumper, wanker and dustbin - that you picked up from a group of Irish friends in your much younger, drunken days.

But you digress...

She is good at making the Resolutions though. And eventually it all works out for her. Right? The chunky disaster of a girl gets the tall guy with the great accent. And then it snows. Right?

Oh, that's not how it really works? Bummer.

So why again should I come up with a Resolution!?!

I commented on Katie's site earlier today that I would probably choose better money and weight management as my 2008 Resolutions. But you know, those seem to be ongoing issues that I am apparently wildly unsuccessful at handling so I don't know that they really need to be put on the list. As it is, I think I have enough exercises in futility to keep me occupied until 2010.

Maybe I should choose to be less negative and critical about myself and others (including the fuckwits in traffic).

Resolutions are always so very self-involved though, so maybe I should choose something external or for the benefit of others and then maybe my other issues will fall in line on their own...

OR, maybe this is all making my very self-involved head hurt.

So maybe, for now, I just stick with Bridget.

"I choose Vodka. And Chaka Khan."

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