Thursday, March 19, 2009

Observations in Madness (Thursday Noon)

Good Gravy it's been a long and busy week. Soooo behind on my photo project it's not even funny. St. Patrick's Day was fun. Work has not been. But it's Thursday and it's the first round of basketball, so things are looking up! Most exciting is that I finally got some willing participants for a basketball pool this year (last year was a bit of a challenge). Are you in a pool? Paying attention? Couldn't care less? Here's what I've seen so far:

1. God Bless the Internet. Have I said that lately? I am glad CBS finally got with the program and figured out how to stream all of their games over the internet. If they hadn't, I would be saying God Bless our government for pushing back the switch to digital so that I could drag my little TV set in and watch the first two days of the tournament in my office...

2. Seriously, Cal State Northridge?!? Worst jersey font EVER.

3. I picked Memphis to go all the way. Did I pick them because I am such a die-hard Tennessean? No. Most of west Tennessee annoys me. I picked them, in part, because I do think they're a good team and are ripe to maybe, finally win it all. And in part because I'm tired of their coach talking about how overlooked, underestimed, underappreciated and disrespected his team is and it would be nice for him to have to find something else to whine about for a while. But right now?!? Right now 2 Memphis is having a fairly hard time against 15 Cal State Northridge. If they don't get their act together my entire bracket could be seriously compromised before the first three games of the tournament are over. Note to Memphis: if that happens, I will lead the pack in petitioning to have your third of the state given to Arkansas.

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