Friday, March 20, 2009

Observations in Madness (Friday Two-ish)

1. Oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Tennessee lost by two points in the last few seconds of their game today. Fortunately for my bracket I did not pick them to go past the next round, so at least there's that. But still... sadness and woe...

2. Last night saw local favorite Western Kentucky upset Illinois. My mother always takes the opportunity during basketball season to mention how she nearly went into early labor with me in March of 1971 because of Western. They were the "giant killers" that year and every game they somehow kept pulling out win after win. So, your call - my love of March Madness - nature or nurture? I don't have the Hilltoppers picked to go past the next round but, you know, I am having a birthday party on the same day as the Final Four - so how cool would it be if Western made it that far? Yeah, I know...

3. Speaking of my mother - she's leading our basketball pool. There are eight of us in the pool and the only game she didn't pick from yesterday was the Clemson/Michigan game. And that's not her fault in the least (or five other people in the pool) is it, Clemson?!?!? No, no it's not.

As for me, I'm hanging in at 5th place.

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Katie said...

Hush. I chose TN to go all the way. Eli and Dustin laugh so hard when they look at my bracket that they pee thier pants.