Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Round One. Day One. Who's in Your Bracket?

Like there aren't enough March Madness blog posts being sent out into the universe today...

But how many involve two heathen dogs?

My attempts at an office pool haven't gone over all that well (C? M? Are you paying attention? I'm talking about you.) So instead I've resorted to my housemates. It's a struggle finding ways to keep them entertained in the evenings anyway, so last night we played a little game of "Pick Which Teams You Think Will Win" aka "Pick Which Hand the Doggie Crack String Cheese is in."

And so I bring you:

Gert's NCAA Basketball Mostly Canine Tournament Pool!

Elsie's strategy was to be fast, decisive and straight to the point in selecting her teams / pieces of string cheese. In (what could be) her words: "I like UCLA's speed and UNC's quick-thinking but you have to like a team whose mascot is the devil so I'm going with Duke NOW SERIOUSLY I'VE GOT THINGS TO DO SO JUST GIMME ALL THE CHEESE AND NO ONE GETS HURT."

His plan of action was to ponder the options carefully and try to minimize distractions. His thoughts on this year's tournament: "I like birds so I think I'll pick Kansas. HEY IS THAT SOMETHING SPARKLY UNDER THE CHAIR!?! I would like to pick Memphis, but I'm afraid of cats. Maybe Stanford. They have a tree. Trees are nice. HEY ELSIE ATE MY STRING CHEESE!" (When all was said and done, Oliver actually picked Belmont. And then went to take a nap.)

Her method involved studying the predictions of professionals from and CBS and analysing team records. But, despite a sudden craving for a cheese sandwich, she ultimately just went with her gut instincts. "Georgia's really on a hot streak right now and I think Western Kentucky could surprise some people.... and oh yeah... TENNESSEE'S GOING TO WIN IT ALL! GO VOLS! GO VOLS! GO VOLS! "

It will be interesting to see what happens.

Loser buys more string cheese.


Katie said...

My God, that is VERY MUCH how it was for John, Fin and Eli picking the brackets. I picked, of course, by who had the prettier shirt colors.

Are you so glad we became friends back in 1978?

gertrude said...

Every day :)