Sunday, March 22, 2009

Observations in Madness (Sunday night)

I actually spent a great deal of time this weekend doing things other than watching basketball. I went shopping. I went to the grocery store. I went to an art gallery and then to a sushi bar - where I did occasionally stretch my short self as tall as I could muster to peek up over the top of the booth at the TV in the back of the restaurant - but still, I participated in witty conversations and only managed to get soy sauce on my new shirt once. I went to church and to grown-up Sunday school and to lunch and then did yard work. All the while assuming that I was still clinging to life in 6th place in our pool.

And then I updated our brackets just a couple of hours ago, and dude, I am somehow now in 3rd place. I managed to pick 15 of the Sweet 16. Trust me, I am as stunned as you are. I don't really expect it to last, but it is nice for now. Here's what else:

1. I am a bit self-defeating. The on-going battle I have with myself every March when I fill out my bracket is always head vs. heart. Who do I want to win and who do I think will win. It's often not the same thing. If my bracket involves a couple of innocent dollars, I usually go with my head but then find myself on a Sunday evening yelling for Siena to beat Louisville even though I have Louisville in the Final Four.

So yeah - how 'bout that Siena / Louisville game? What was a heart-breaker! Or. Go Cards! I'm good either way...

2. In other crazy games... Western Kentucky - so close! And Marquette - I'm sorry your game ended so strangely and unfortunately (well kinda - because again - Go Mizzou!) but your coach sorta scares me and he maybe should invest in some Nylabones or something because that one kid chewed on his towel for the last like 15 minutes of your game.

3. Say it ain't so! The Lady Vols will NOT be headed to the Sweet 16 for the first time ever. Ever. I guess it had to happen sometime. Also, the Middle Tennessee State University women's team lost a very close one. The coach of the Lady Blue Raiders is the neighbor of a friend of mine and I am really bummed for him. I probably shouldn't keep up with the women's tournament if my only reason for doing so is to hope that someone beats UConn, but hey, at least I'm honest.

Happy Sweet 16!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Dang--15? Mr. D has 3 right on his brackets. I just cheer for the underdog and am bumming since the Badgers choked.

Anonymous said...

You are bracket-licious! Can you believe only Duke and UNC are left in the ACC? We are waiting for tomorrow with baited breaths here~
No, could NOT believe Lady Vols out.