Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Who'd a Thought...

.... I would ever agree with anything this man had to say.


But this morning my alarm clock was set to Wake-up and Quickly Become Disheartened about the State of the Universe (aka Morning Edition) and there he was being interviewed about a book he's written.

(Note: from 2001-2005 I had a different alarm clock that was also set to the same program, only during that period of time it became known as the Wake-up and Backhand Me Across the Room When You Hear the Voice of the New "President." And alas, it suffered an unfortunate demise.)

His book points out that all of this recent "Immigration Reform" is, well, racist. And he backs that up with examples of various policies of current and previous administrations and congresses and state and local governments and a history lesson in the rhetoric and buffoonery aimed at past influxes of immigrant populations to our country.

And he makes the very important point that while we're flailing our arms about and screaming for border security, what we're really only interested in is putting up a wall between us and our darker-skinned neighbors to the south. Because why should we care about our border to the north? Those whacky Canadians! They're white! They spend money at our malls! And unless they happen to be the ones that play hockey, we could totally take them! Yeah! Grrr!

And he discusses, as I've ranted about before, that even though there are illegal people here from all kinds of countries, we only seem to be concerned with the darker-skinned ones. Because they're ones who do outrageous and terrible things. Like pick our vegetables, roof our houses, mow our yards and clean our bathrooms. Hateful Bastards.

So there you go. Me agreeing with Geraldo.

Of course now we could discuss how, after his interview, Mr. Rivera went back to his job at Fox News so that he could continue to gorge himself on cash from one of the very entities spewing the hate and propaganda he just published a book to speak out against...

But that's another pissed-off blog post for another pissed-off day.

My alarm clock is probably a little afraid.

*jaunty jacket-over-the-shoulder-as-if-to-say-I'm-a-trustworthy-journalist photo, courtesy of NPR.

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