Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oscar Night Postscript

In Katie's comment she said she searched YouTube for the performance of "Falling Slowly" (she so smart) and acceptance speeches from Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova so I thought I'd post them.

Their performance:

[Which had been linked, but is now no longer available.]

Their speeches:

[Also no longer available, but apparently you can still find it and the performance at YouTube if you do a search]

I love how her English (she is Czech) has both an eastern European accent and a Dublin accent so she says "udder" instead of "other." Reminds me of a Japanese woman I once talked to who lived here in Tennessee. She said "ya'll" in with a Japanese accent. Totally adorable.

And finally Jon Stewart being his totally adorbable self talking about it on the "Daily Show."

[Ditto. What's up YouTube???]

Does Jon Stewart have a brother? Or a clone?

My obsession with him and this movie is bordering on the absurd.


Katie said...

listen to your voicemail I left you earlier. And incidently, your link is no longer avail. but if you youtube it again, you can see the performance. I love them.

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