Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Night

Last night two fellow alumni / turkey vultures presented awards and another one was nominated.

Not too shabby.

The irony that I witnessed all of this while sitting in my pajamas and paying bills - including my student loan payment - was not lost on me.

Also... the main song from my much-loved movie, Once, was nominated. And when they sang the song onstage during the ceremony, I did NOT burst into tears. Yea me. I did get a teeny bit choked up though.

A few minutes later they won. Then I burst into tears. Then the doofus orchestra conductor started the damn music right after the guy spoke and before the girl could say anything. Then the host and my major celebrity crush, Jon Stewart, came on after the commercial and said she should get to come back on stage and give her speech. Swoon. Then she did and it was so sweet and heartfelt. Then yeah, I burst into tears again.

I will say that I'm an easy crier, but seriously, PEOPLE NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE. Katie's not an easy crier like I am, but she will agree with me.

I think that's about all I've got on this awards season. Except:

  • The red dress was quite popular this evening. I would say too many people have the same stylist, but someone how I doubt Helen Mirren and Miley Cyrus share the same help.
  • The best actress French chick was really cute when she won, but she was so tiny that I was afraid Forrest Whitaker was going to snap her in half when she hugged him.
  • I'm not a big jewelry person, but Nicole Kidman had on a seriously cool and crazy long diamond necklace. It looked like she forgot about her new pregnancy boobs though because the necklace got caught around one of them while she was introducing the honorary Oscar guy, but she didn't seem to really notice.
  • Harrison Ford wears an earring. Really? If he wanted to look younger /closer to Calista's age, couldn't he have just started wearing the shagging boy bangs like Tom Cruise does? It doesn't work, but it would look slightly less ridiculous.
  • If I'd had to present or accept an award at this thing with Jon Stewart standing off to the side and George Clooney sitting in the front row, I probably would have passed out.

Good thing I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Whew. Crisis averted.


Melissa said...

Dang. Your beginning is too ironic. I am 100% with you on ALL of your OScar observations (why couldn't we have sat TOGETHER on the couch and talked this over Sunday night?) and now I have even MORE of a desire to see Once. Thanks for delurking and I like your blog, too:)

Katie said...

You know, I don't do award shows, so I did not know that they won. I just you tubed the acceptance, both of them. Class act, Glen and Markeeta (sp?) and Jon Stewart. I am proud as a momma that they won. EVERYONE. SEE IT.