Sunday, February 10, 2008

Week in Review - a Postscript

Saturday - My Karma has a Pretty Quick Turnaround
A gorgeous day - chilly and windy but sunny - and I spent a good chunk of it outside walking one of my dogs (trying to walk them both at the same time - while comical to watch - is not a lot of fun for me). Now I am sick with a cold. Further proving my theory that exercise is bad for you.

Sunday - Brief Rally in the Name of "Literature"
Not even a Sudafed stupor could keep me from Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy (Part 1). But apparently the much-referenced Mr. Darcy wet shirt scene from Bridget Jones, the Edge of Reason (the book, NOT the movie) is not until next week.


Katie said...

Not one single post about our foray into British Humour? I am gobsmacked.

gertrude said...

You needn't fret. That post was from a week past. I have particular plans for writing about Friday's outing. But it will have to wait until after I've put on a jumper and my Wellies and taken out the dust bin...