Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Summer Lovin' Sooooo Over

I had a positive, enjoyable AND productive day today. I was actually chipper AND motivated at work. It's enough to make me want to peek my head out the cellar door and try rejoining the rest of society. Possible causes:

Or, could it be this:

Behold! Glorious Autumnal Beginnings in my front yard!

And this:

Glorious Autumnal Weather Report from today!

And this:

Most Treasured Cashmere Hoodie I've been longing to wear for many weeks and was finally able to today.

I tried really hard to enjoy and appreciate summer. And I think I did an OK job. But truth be told...

Autumn kicks Summer's ass.

Every. Single. Time.

Happy October!


Anonymous said...

So glad you got out of the basement!
Love the hoodie, I'd be wanting to wear that, too!
LOVE Colbert...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Yum, the hoodie is a dream. I'm glad you like the change of seasons. Me? not so much still...