Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Three More Days

Some may think that Memorial Day was the big holiday for May.

Silly people.

No, this year we have an additional national holiday.

May 30th: Straight Girl, Gay Guy Date Night.

And yes, while that could describe any given Friday night in Gert's life, this Friday is different because it's the premiere of Sex and the City the movie.

And is there a giant chance that it will totally suck? Yes, there is.

And do I really care? No, not at all.

I just want the opportunity to see them in all of their crazy, beautiful outfits on a big screen. And hear their crafty dialogue in surround sound. And enjoy a frosty Diet Coke that's going to cost me $8.50.

The only problem.

I have to be in Huntsville, AL from tomorrow until Saturday.

The universe is cruel.

So, if you are going this weekend, please think of me.

Or send me a card. I bet Hallmark totally has a section just for the occasion.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

The universe is harsh. I'm so sorry.