Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So, if you visited me here within the last few days you saw a random post that didn't really say anything. Well, lest you think I've blown a fuse... I thought I had come up with a #5 for my previous list of grouchy news items. But I had only arrived at a title. And then I suddenly got distracted and never came up with anything else and in my distracted state clicked "publish" instead of "save" and posted just the title.

What happened was...I was sitting at my computer, listening to the news, and heard a story about a group of Hillary Clinton supporters who made a statement about her not getting the nomination because our country is still too sexist.

There it was! #5! Because I totally agree with them. And I've said so many times to several people. And I was going to write this big long diatribe about how, yes, we are still a sexist and racist country but it's more socially acceptable to be sexist. And it would have referenced advertising and music videos and been really sarcastic and contained a lot of run-on sentences and included at least one instance of the word "ass."

But before the tiny wheels in my brain could get turning, the news article ended with this same exact group of women saying they were so upset by all of this that they were now going to vote for McCain....

Then my uterus sent me a text message that said "WTF?!"

And really, who wouldn't be distracted after that?

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