Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things I Currently Think...

...Are Delightful

My new moleskin notebook. Complete with bookmark, elastic bandy thing so it won't open up inside my giant bag and get all gross, and groovy-feeling cover that also doubles as a mouse pad when using the computer whilst sitting on the couch.

Sweet potato pie. I mean, really, even just saying "sweet potato pie" is delightful. Am I right? Know what's even more delightful than sweet potato pie? FREE sweet potato pie...

... Would Make NFL Football Much Better

A new rule that says if you are such an egotistical asshat that you behave like a 6-year old in the end zone after scoring a touchdown, knowing FULL WELL that your team will receive a penalty for excessive celebration that results in having to back up 10 yards for the kickoff, then YOU should have to be the one to kick the ball while the kicker gets to mock your little asshat dance from the sidelines.

If the Jacksonville Jaguars weren't teal. Not that I'm a big fan of much of anything sports related that comes from the state of Florida, but fellas, do yourselves a favor and get a team color that we can all take seriously.

... Will Send Me To an Early Grave

Having my boss (who lives and works in Maryland) call on a Monday morning, when I've just walked in the door after having been away from my desk for four days, to say that she's on her way over to the office from the airport when I thought she was in South Carolina. Luckily I had decided to put on real clothes and brush my hair. There was a brief window when black yoga pants, public radio t-shirt, green OU hoodie, rubber Adidas sandals with orange striped wool socks, and early-stage dread locks were a serious possibility.

... Will Save Me From An Early Grave

Spending a week here

I may not have any need for a sports team from the state of Florida, but I'll take one tiny house on one small barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico for the week of New Years, please.

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