Saturday, November 22, 2008

Strike up the Band

So my boys in orange kept up their end of the deal and got themselves a win. It's been a long time coming. That it happened against Vanderbilt in their stadium is... well... admittedly even better.

Like I said, after everything they've been through I was so happy with the fact they were playing well that in the second quarter when Eric Berry intercepted the ball and ran it back 45 yards for a touchdown - I almost cried.

At the end of the game when the TV reporter asked Coach Fulmer about this being his next-to-last game and he got all choked up - I did cry.

I can't help it. This is going to be a hard week. Saturday is Coach Fulmer's last game at Tennessee and I'm going to be there in person. The only game I'm able to attend this year and if there was only going to be one, then I'm glad this is going to be the one.

I plan to honor the week leading up to it by listing some of my favorite memories from the last 17 years that Philly's been the coach.

Today, it is from the 1997 season. I was at the last home game of the year. If we won we made it to the SEC Championship game. We did. And in celebration Peyton Manning and Leonard Little ran a lap around the stadium carrying the orange Tennessee flag and the red, white and blue flag state flag while the crowd chanted S-E-C.

Then Peyton put down the flag, walked over to the drum major for the Pride of the Southland and hugged him. A few seconds later, he climbed the drum major's ladder and proceeded to conduct the band in a round of "Rocky Top" while everyone sang along.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How fun. I do love that Peyton Manning and I do hate to see a coach's last game.
I tagged you, BTW.