Friday, September 18, 2009

Not Just Any 'Ole Friday

Yesterday was Responsible Dog Owner Day according to my Google iPage (and you know how much I love to consult it for All Things Useful and Important).

Tomorrow is the Tennessee-Florida game.

So (in case you were wondering) that makes today Somewhat Irresponsible Dog Owner / Dear God You Know How Much The World Despises Those Web-Footed Swamp-Sucking Cretins So Could You PleasePleasePlease Find It Within Your Power To Make My Boys In Orange Play Well Enough To Win Or At Least Well Enough Not To Suck As Much As They Did Last Week Day.

And to celebrate this auspicious occasion. I give you (once again) dogs in festive orange outfits:

Elsie and Oliver ask that you send help and/or let them know when it's basketball season.

Go Vols!


Cha Cha said...


Their expressions are priceless. You are truly an artiste, dear Gert. Genius!

Emotional Mullet said...

Ha! They look pissed you put them in clothes!

Carrie said...

Sophie LOVES the dogs!!

Hope the game is not too bad!! Go Vols!!!!