Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Boys of Summer

A certain blogger, familar to this site, recently announced to me that I will be going to see Sex and the City again next month.

But until then, for my viewing enjoyment, I will have the also-enjoyable BizzaroCarrie and her very un-Sex and the City-like friends: P.J. Franklin and the boys of "My Boys". Yay.

I don't quite know what it is about this show, but I luuuuuuuve it. So very much.

Have you seen it? It's adorable. And really funny. P.J. is tomboyish, a writer, and blond and skinny, of course. Almost all of her friends are guys. They drink beer and play board games and watch sports at their neighborhood tavern. And they drink beer and play poker at her apartment - a fabulous Chicago apartment that, as a newspaper sports writer, she totally couldn't afford in real life but that you enjoy nonetheless.

So hey, just like my life! Well, ummm... I think I have the tomboyish thing down. Most of my friends are (gay) guys. But we do often drink beer at our neighborhood tavern. Only it's more dive bar than tavern. And we talk about, well, Sex and the City and anything else BUT sports. And while I'm completely in favor of playing poker, it's mostly just me drinking diet coke and playing fetch with my dogs at my house - a slightly ramshackled East Nashville cottage that I too totally can't afford in real life, but that I enjoy nonetheless. So yeah... uh... just like my life....

But seriously... I enjoy suspending reality and logic for some shows, but it's a nice change to see something more relatable on television. Plus, "My Boys" is a single-camera sitcom - so no studio audience or obnoxious laugh track. It's really well-written and quick-witted - so no annoying one-liners or slap-stick. I admit that the voice overs with the constant sports analogies get a bit tiresome, but much like Carrie talking directly at the camera in the first season of SATC, I'm guessing that aspect has probably been axed.

The season premiere is tonight at 8:30c/9:30e on TBS or online at You can watch old episodes there too. Enjoy!

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