Friday, June 20, 2008

Aaaaaand We're Uncrossing Our Fingers

Let's see...

Laptop: could not be resuscitated.

Email Inbox: totally vanished sometime around 4:00.

Boss: pestered me constantly with tedious crap all week and is now pissed that I haven't gotten more done.

Demons from Previous Job: reared their ugly heads this morning and sent me for a dip in the pool of self-doubt and neuroses. Prima donna boss isn't helping much either.

Me: leaving now to go stick my head in a bucket of Jack Daniels.

See ya Monday.


Katie said...

How did ol' Jack treat ya?

No self doubt for you. Want me to come over there and yell at some co-workers for you? Barefoot? Read today's post. I can do it. I am this mean all the time.

You rock, Gertie, and anyone who says differently is a pud.

gertrude said...

Thank you, I did go and read it. Now I know why you said "I am this mean all the time." The title alone made me almost snort Diet Coke up my nose.

But to answer your question - I was good and opted instead for a single pint of Yazoo's Dos Perros. It did the trick for now but I think I'll keep the shoeless wonder on standby for a while if that's ok with you :)

Anonymous said...

Green Girl told me I would enjoy your blog, and the dog snap was enough to convince me :).

Yes, technology sucks at times...I vote for vodka gimlets myself!