Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Miracle. By the Numbers.

22nd day of December

8 in the morning

1 Trip to Opry Mills ShoppingCenterOutletMallVortexofMadness

2 Hours of my life spent

1 Complete trip around the entire complex

3 Gifts purchased (and a few items for myself...)

0 Casualities or instances of muttering obsenities under my breath

God bless us, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Well, Little Tiny Tim, sounds like DNA strikes again. Let's make a contract right now to ensure we enjoy the next advent/Christmas even if it's just us two. No Christmas music until December 17 unless we pay cash to hear it!

Katie, want to join us?

Gert's Maw

Katie said...

Only three gifts? Lemme see...Gert's Maw...Dick Cheney...and moi? Was that the list you were shopping for?

Rick Springfield seems to think that he can get 35 dollars for his upcoming concert. Do we feel like Rick deserves 35 of our dollars? Karen is on the fence. I suppose this is the true test of our undying LOOOOOOVE for Ricky Poo. Call me and we shall chat.

Urilla said...

Well said.