Friday, November 30, 2007

A Face Even the Roadrunner Would Love

First, let me say that I am wholeheartedly NOT in favor of keeping wild animals as pets. Every time I hear of some yahoo in Whateverville, USA getting the side of his face bitten off because he kept "pet" lions in his backyard I, quite honestly, smile and wonder if the lions think "hmmm, tastes like antelope."

That said, I give you the link to this blog:

This woman lives in the absolute middle of nowhere Wyoming and found an orphaned baby coyote on her doorstep. She's has no delusions about his wildness. She simply didn't want him to die and has given him a den and some pack members (her and her cat) to hang with while he figures things out. True, there's a chance that this will all end badly, but she seems to be a reasonable human being and has a neighbor (as much as you can have a neighbor in the absolute middle of nowhere Wyoming) who is a coyote expert with the National Park Service. So there you go.

Besides, what the hell do I know, anyway? I'm the genius that chooses to live a with a dog whose IQ is probably higher than mine and a dog who's afraid of ticking clocks....

Anyway... She takes photos everyday and if you are an animal lover or especially a dog / dog-like animal lover, it will completely break your heart with its cuteness.

Happy Friday!


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Katie said...

You can't fool me, that was NOT in English. I went to Western. I is smart.

I look away for two seconds and you post nineteen times???

gertrude said...

Yeah - I'm not sure what's up with that. I double-checked to make sure my new foreign friend isn't asking me to post a link to some sort of Portuguese porn site. It's not. Of what it IS I don't really know either. So do I take the comment down? Does it make me seem cosmopolitan and worldly??? :)

As for my 19 posts... the UT/KY thing was started a while ago, it just took me a while to finish it and post it and by that time enough random other things had happened that amused me. Or didn't. As in the case of the lovely man and his SIX BAGS of Taco Bell when all I wanted was a bean burrito....