Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scenes from Early in the Morning

On the one month anniversary of my new job, I would like to say that it is great.

But it has not been without its challenges.

Yesterday I had to read something titled, "Consequences of Misspecifications in Growth Curve and Other Multilevel Models."

So... yeah... there's that...

The main challenge though has been that I need to be at work at 7:30 in the morning.

For those of you out there who are naturally early risers, farmers, or have children, please commence your mocking now...

Done? Okay.

I am trying. So very hard. The good news is it causes amusing things to happen that make for excellent blog-fodder.

Scenes from Early in the Morning #1:

Know where a hard-boiled egg fits nicely?

A quaint and delicate egg cup.

A quaint and delicate egg cup (even though I don't own one) placed alongside a small plate with a piece of whole-wheat toast topped with preserves purchased from the farmers market and a beautiful glass of cranberry juice. All placed on the table in the kitchen so that you can gaze out the window at the morning awaiting you.

Know where else a hard-boiled egg also fits nicely?

That little zippered side pocket in your purse.

That little zippered side pocket in your purse where you toss it as you dash through the kitchen grabbing something that you can eat in the car or at your desk. This occurs after you have gone from the bedroom, to the home office and back to the bedroom looking for your cell phone only to remember you left it in the kitchen and before you trip out the door, leaving your coffee on the counter.

But really... the fact that I had the presence of mind to hard-boil a half-dozen eggs on Sunday and put them in a bowl in the refrigerator AND get a coffee maker with a timer on it so that it's already done when I get up is really quite an accomplishment in and of itself.

So I'm counting this as a win.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's a start. A good start.

Cha Cha said...

I'm sorry, I'm still stuck on the beginning of your post: 7:30? For real? That's insane!

One of my favorite breakfast-at-my-desk treats is peanut butter toast. Basically, I make said toast while brushing my teeth, then fold the two peanut butter sides together and throw them in a Ziploc baggie. Then? When I'm at my desk, digging through my inbox? I enjoy peanut butter toast with my tea. Nirvana.

Well, as close to nirvana as you can be while digging through your inbox.

Anonymous said...

Gert, congrats on the job. I'd a definite win that you had the foresight to hardboil those eggs. I'm proud of ya, girl!