Monday, April 6, 2009


Hola. I have been a negligent blog-owner. There is somewhat of an excuse... I suppose. I spent one very busy, but fun, work week and one even funner week actually enjoying my Birthday Girl status. A nice switch from the Snarky, Glass-Half-Empty, Grouchy, Hermit Girl that I normally tend toward...

I returned to the interwebs this morning to catch up on what were some really excellent posts by other people. So, what's a better way to dip my little sausage toes back into the bloggy water than to just post links to other people's stuff? There is none! Enjoy!

Where I am an official reader:

Katie at Proof Positive shared an excellent and coffee-up-the-nose hilarious post about the joys of parenting a strong-willed child.

Green Girl in Wisconsin had a great write-up on litter (yes, litter) and has inspired me to hunt down a Woodsy the Owl replacement t-shirt.

Big Happy Family has fallen victim to Twilight and I think I am partly responsible. Again, Carrie, my apologies...

AuntieM Writes posted about one of my most favorite places in the world - the New York City Public Library and their lions. Beautiful pictures. When I next up my Tragic Spinster certification I will name my first two cats Patience and Fortitude.

Where I am but a partial lurker:

And speaking of my Tragic Spinster status... Green Girl's friend at Noodleroux had a post on the eve of my birthday about dating in your 30s that gave me great joy.

Rocky Top Talk had an excellent analysis of one of the spring scrimmages leading up to next weekend's Orange and White Game. Woo hoo! What?!? I hear you rolling your eyes - yes, it's college football. The NCAA basketball championship is tonight, people - what else am I supposed to do for the next four and a half months? Read? Knit? Work for a living?

The Lost recaps on MamaPop are always really good in a weird stream-of-consciousness kind of way. And, they just posted a very funny video about White People Problems.

Where I still maintain full lurker status:

Crazy Aunt Purl detailed her past experience, that I am all too familiar with, about the public humiliation of failing a car emissions test. While I did not cry, few things are more shameful for a chronic over-achiever than having to pull away from the tiny testing station with a computer-generated form containing (and HIGHLIGHTED IN YELLOW by the 16 year old testing station attendant): sad face, sad face, FAIL. Truly awful. Yeah... I know... White People Problems...

What Would Jane Austen Do had a funny list. And lists are always good. She also had a more serious, but equally good post about April Food Day and fighting hunger.

Zen Habits had a completely apropos post - also on the eve of my birthday - about saying "yes" when you mean "no" and vice-versa.

And last, and certainly never least, Dooce has been in rare form with the posts from her book tour and one hysterical one about Angelina's plans for her next adoption that, if nothing else, has given me a new phrase to shout the next time I find myself completely exasperated about something. Perhaps in June when I have to take my car back for it's next emissions test...

This should keep you busy for a while.


Carrie said...

Please don't apologize for my Twilight obsession. It is great. I feel like I'm 17 again. I love Edward. Sorry.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

well, thank you ever so much for the linky love--i'm glad my "trash talking" didn't offend;)
and now i'll click away and read some of these links you've posted!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments and links, fun to follow~
Glad you had a Happy Birthday!

mamacita said...

If I link back to your list, will the universe explode?