Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Friday

Greetings from the end of the non-profit version of Hell Week: January Grant Report Submitting Week! a.k.a. Thank You Sooo Much for the Chunk O' Change Last Year Here's a Bunch of Pages Explaining How We Spent it and Ooooh See We Made it Look All Fancy So Would You Pretty Please Give Us More Now.

Woo. Hoo. (said as I try to figure out how to drink coffee without lifting my head off my desk).

My brain is a bit scrambled and I started pondering the gloriousness of what a nice glass of Jack Daniels might taste like later this evening around ohhh 8:17 this morning - so yeah - I think my Friday is off to a good start...

In honor of the day - here's a top-five random list of crap (plus photos!) to catch you up on our time apart:

1. The Peer Pressure - it Taunts Me.
Here's a conversation I seem to be having a lot these days:
Friend/Relative /Acquaintance/Passerby on the Sidewalk: Hey! You're on Facebook, right?
Gert: Uh, no.
Friend/Relative /Acquaintance/Passerby on the Sidewalk: OMG! How can you not be on Facebook?! I want friend/poke/throw a snowball at you!
Gert: What the hell are you talking about?!?

Friend M: Are you on Facebook?! You better NOT be on Facebook. We're the only two left who aren't - DON'T DO IT!
Gert: I'm not!
Friend M: Seriously. I mean it.
Gert: OK!

I feel like I'm starring in some after-school special. I did find out, however, that a former elementary school crush is on Facebook.
(I used to woefully sing along to this album because of him)

so the scales may be tipping...

2. Meat
I think I managed to eat a portion of one of every animal in God's kingdom over the holidays. I am not (obviously) a vegetarian, but I don't make a habit of eating a lot of meat. And I recently learned that what I am is a "flexitarian" (yes, it's a word). And I don't know if there's a flexitarian wagon to fall off of, but I guarantee that if there is, somewhere between November 27 and January 1, my fat ass did a triple gainer off said wagon. So now I've been trying to seriously limit my meat eating. Trying. The results have varied. This week I've done really well though.

Why am I a flexitarian? (yes, it's a word). Is it because I want to be a vegetarian but have no self discipline? No. Well... I don't have any self-discipline, but that needs it's own post... No, it's partly because I don't like to cook meat. (It's icky and there's a lot of room for error. Vegetables are far more forgiving.) But also it's more for environmental reasons. Carbon footprint and whatnot. But really, I really have no interest in telling you any of that at this moment either. My only interest here is to say that tonight while enjoying my glass of Jack Daniels - I will be partaking in some tasty, tasty barbecue...

3. The Cat's Pajamas. And Bathrobe. And Slippers.
Guess who made a visit to Nashvegas? Craig Ferguson!

Guess who went to see his show? I did!
How was it? As glorious as you might imagine. If he'd brought Tim Gunn out as a special guest I might have just decided to die happy right then.

4. Welcome to the 21st Century!
My New Year's Resolution was to upgrade my technology.

Step one: Get actual/non-dial-up internet service.

Result: Done! DSL - where have you been all my life!

Step two: get a grown up/non-pay-as-you-go cell phone plan and a cell phone with a QWERTY keyboard so that much-preferred text messaging will not be so damn annoying.

Result: Expensive! And difficult to figure out my options! Forget it! Don't mind me - I'll just sit here quietly and peck out a text to my brother to meet me after the Craig Ferguson show! Oh, uh, hey there drunken hillbilly hitting on my friend and maybe me in a minute if said brother doesn't show up! Pay no attention as I text him a quick "PLZ HURRY"! 7-5-5-5-9-9-9-9! Dammittohell!

Oh, hi new Pantech Slate I ordered this morning - where have you been all of my life!

Step three: get an iPod.

Result: Oy. Vey. Head still hurts from cell phone decision. Stay tuned...

5. Several Deadly Sins.
A couple of weekends ago I went in search of boots. Black, pointy-toed, spikey-heeled boots. I did not find said boots. But, there is a universal shoe rule that states if you are planning to buy boots and you do not buy boots, you may buy TWO pair of regular shoes instead. So I got a very cute, but nondescript pair of little brown suede flat loafery things. And then... I found these:
Tweed. Ballet flats. Their adorableness knows no bounds.

But then... Anti-Facebook Friend M comes in with her new pair of Coach rain boots that are crazy-weird and totally made of awesome and I am so jealous. To make matters worse it has been rainy and snowy and sloppy ALL WEEK and not only can the Boundlessly Adorable Tweed Flats not be worn, but the Rain Boots of Awesome can. Envy! Wrath! Go ahead and throw in gluttony and sloth in there too for good measure.

You know, this may have tipped the Facebook scales a bit further... Is Spite a cardinal sin?

Happy Friday (finally!)


Katie said...

I promise to send you NO stupid stuff like glitter or glitz or jazz hands or blasts from the pasts or what is your David Hasselhoff style or anything just GET ON FACEBOOK GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE I yelling? Oh, sorry.

Who crush? I sang with you on that song, I get to know. CHOMPS? Or did you mean Dustin?


Friend M said...

Not one, but two mentions of possibly joining Facebook? Seriously. I don't know who you are anymore. You better not be sitting at home using your DSL for such things.

Congrats on the new phone!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

First, spite is a healthy reaction to said situation.
Second, I shall not facebook until I HAVE to which will be when Mr. T is old enough and I have to then go on to monitor--but do you care? Doubtful.
Third, I'm glad to know there are other meat-eaters who eat in moderation for all the same rules as me--and there's a name for it! Cool!
Fourth, I just love these posts.