Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Lovin' Week 2

The Dog Days

It got really hot this weekend. Like 90-degrees by 10 in the morning hot. So hot I decided that it was worth it to brave my cute-but-spidery detached garage to drag out the kiddie pool as well as waste a bit of water filling it up for the dogs. Nothing makes you forget that your back is dripping sweat into your underwear faster than watching your two endearing, but neurotic, dogs slowly recall that they love water and that they will in fact not get a bath in the purple tub so they can go ahead and stop barking at it.

They couldn't figure out how to both get in at the same time so Elsie would jump in, splash about, and then jump out and take off running so fast with excitement that her back end would try to go faster than her front end and almost flip herself over. She would then circle the pool as Oliver would leap awkwardly - and with much gusto - into the middle and run in circles, making a whirlpool full of all sorts of waves and splashes. That he would then try to bite. He would then leap out of the pool - with equal awkward gusto - snorting and gasping as he tried to get the water out of his nose, leaving it free for Elsie to get back in. This went on and on for about an hour until they and the water were disgustingly muddy and I could sense my neighbors thinking that I had better not leave that disgusting mud pit in the middle of the yard and infest us all with West Nile.

Before the pool party came to end Elsie got to where she would lie down in the water and rest her head on the edge (pictured above). Oliver could never quite get the hang of not biting the water and sucking it up his nose, but he still managed to enjoy himself. Here are the rest of the photos from our canine adventure.

The spinning hound.

Oliver circling inside the pool. Elsie circling outside the pool.
You can see that one of his ears has flipped backwards in all the fervor.

Elsie telling (biting) Oliver to wait his turn.

Hope your weekend was as amusing - or at least not as hot!